Who We Are?


Cemal Vehbi Günaydın

Cemal Vehbi, has been playing guitar for 14 years. Previously he played classic guitar and after he focused on acoustic guitar. Folk and Country Music are special and peaceful for him. He has played with various bands and orchestras home and abroad and he made lots of composition. Shortly, he is the most traveled musician of Sehir.

Vice Chairman

Erkan Memişoğlu

After playing guitar for about 7 years, Erkan continued his musical career with classical and electric guitar. He played drums, percussion and guitar for many years. Erkan, who is also interested in the production side of music, took part in various projects as arranger and producer. At the same time, Erkan is a musician trained in the kitchen of this business, providing sound system or back stage services to concerts and events.

Club Secretary

Beyza Yavuz

Beyza, have been in music for 11 years. After 10 years of playing violin she decided to keep her music going with guitar cause of her style in music. At the same time, She is a music producer. She have taken a part in many projects, and performed her instrument on many stages.

Social Media Specialist

Cansu Temizöz

Cansu is very happy and active on the industrial side by the stage of the music. Instead of performing at the stage, Cansu has been involved in various technical and advertising activities related to the sector. In short, the most social and lively member of our management.

Equipment Responsible

Tolga Ceyhan

Tolga CEYHAN He has been playing piano for 13 years, guitar for 7 years and drums for the last 1 year. He is interested in rock music and he performs acoustic and rock compositions within his own band. He has had many stage experiences in well-known scenes like TSKM, BGM.

Course and Reservation Specialist

Elif Bektaş

After playing guitar for 6 years, Elif decided to improve herself on the piano. Although he has played only two instruments, he has performed in various groups. Playing classical pieces on the piano is one of his musical styles. Someone actively involved in the group.